Our Flooring Beginings...

First time when we came in contact with the flooring industry was when we started to work in a wood flooring factory in our small city. We were seeing the amazing journey of wood, which came straight from forests as wood logs, went to saw mills and became timber, goes to wood drying facilities , and the dried wood came back to the factory where the machines transform it in finished hard wood flooring, parquet, engineered wood flooring or laminate flooring. Truly amazing,

Both me and my brother, loved working with wood, such a reliable material, is everywhere around us, a healthy and natural construction material, so beautiful and durable,

In fact our grandfather house, is completely made of big wood logs, with hard wood floors, and has now 80 years since was built,

How we fall in love with wood floor instalation

Many of our neighbours had wood floors, and we got involved in repairing and installing their wood flooring in the weekends in order to help them. We were fortunate to come across experienced floor fitters that thought us many of the wood floor installation secrets,

After a long time of doing both wood factory work and floor fitting on the side, me and my brother decided that installing wood floors is what we want to do, and we fitted floors for a few years,

Learning carpet and vinyl instalation

We seen a need for carpet and vinyl floors installation, and we took courses to get the knowledge needed and we started fitting carpets and vinyl flooring in private houses,

Flooring is not the easier job, especially removing old flooring or fixing subfloors, but on the other hand is not rocket science. The love for quality flooring makes it to be the best job we could choose for us,

What drives us to do the perfect floor fitting

The happiness of our customers when we deliver the perfect installed flooring is one of the best feelings ever. You don’t change your floor coverings every day, and when you do, you just want to be perfectly from every point of view: installation, colour, design, time frame and so on. A correct installation will avoid any floor issues in the coming years, additional costs, and will extend the life time of your floor, no matter is wood floor, carpet floor, vinyl roll of luxury vinyl floor floor,

Making new friends from customers on daily basis, having craic and listening to their stories, makes our job like no other,

Highest reward we can get is when our customers are recommending us for floor fitting, floor repairs or floor maintenance to their friends and family. We work mostly on referrals and word of mouth, and this is why we haven’t been out of work for a single day,

Our Flooring Challenges

The flooring industry is changing daily, new flooring products are released, new techniques, new materials are coming to the flooring market, so we think is our job to keep up with the newest flooring world updates, so we can bring the best flooring solutions to our customers,

The flooring market lacks transparency, that’s why we want our customers to understand flooring, so they can take the best decisions for their homes or offices. We think that plain english should be used in all communications with customers, and taking time to explain how different floors are installed, maintained and how they will transform over the years should be norm for every flooring company,

Sustainability is one of our biggest concerns, so we are committed to use sustainable and recyclable flooring products, optimized energy usage and correct old flooring materials disposal. Because we care for the nature,

And the Story goes on…