Which carpet works best for me?

Why everyone loves carpet?

Warm flooring option, carpets have the great property of keeping our feets warm and acting as insulation for your home. The underlay and the carpet fibres are the main reasons for the warmth,

Carpets are Comfortable, out of all types of floor, carpets are the most comfortable and is great to walk on them barefoot,

Safety is a feature of carpets, think about it, the non slippery carpet surface will make it hard to slip and fall,

Luxurious and stylish, they bring that magic touch in your home or office.

Available in  plenty of styles, designs and colours, carpets are a versatile floorcovering option,

What Carpet Works Best For My House?

Choosing the best carpet for our lovely house is a matter of taste, matching colours and style you like, so you have the answer to this question. We do recommend to see more carpets styles and colours, to see how different colours will complement your home interiors, and will fit in your flooring budget,

 We advice to consider a few things: consider a different type of carpet for different rooms, how much traffic it will be, allergens, exposure to stains,

 The most installed and the best choice for homes are fitted carpets or wall to wall carpets,

The materials used for the carpet are as well important, if you are looking for carpets made from natural fibers, wool carpet is the best choice. Wool make high quality, soft and sustainable carpets that will last for decades. Wool blends are a more accessible option to wool carpets. Carpets made from nylon or polypropylene are a popular choice for their resistance to stains, durability, maintenance and easy cleaning properties. Other options for sustainable and natural fiber carpets are jute, seagrass or sisal. Polyester carpets are renowned for colours that don’t fade, perfect if you want a bright coloured floor.

What Carpet Works Best For My Office?

For office spaces the best choice are Carpet Tiles, as they are easy to clean, they can take a lot of traffic without to loose colour or shape, they look classy, and they increase productivity amongst employees,

What Are The Mains Types Of Carpets?

Woven – is one of the most renowned types of carpets, is made from wool or a wool blend. This carpet style is made using the loom traditional method. The most popular brands of woven carpets are Axminster and Wilton carpets,

Tufted – on this carpet type, the carpet fibres, either cut or looped are pushed through the carpet backing. When the tufs come through the carpet backing, they can be loops, and this type is called Berber Carpet, or the loops fibers are splitted, this carpet style is called Cut Pile Carpet,

Saxony Carpets – cut pile, deep and soft, they are ideal for bedrooms or living rooms,

Velvet Carpets – they are very soft with dense and short fibers, which makes them ideal for living room or childrens bedroom,

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